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What Happens If Someone Dies Without a Will in California?

When someone dies without a will in California, the first question that needs answering is how much the person has... Read More

Tips for Communicating with Your Divorce Attorney

For many people seeking a divorce, communicating with an attorney is a new experience. Here are 4 tips on what... Read More

What is the Role of a Divorce Coach in a Collaborative Case?

The divorce coach can make a major difference in a Collaborative Divorce. With the assistance of a divorce coach, couples... Read More

How Much Will This Divorce Cost Me?

One of the biggest questions most people have when pursuing a divorce is: “How much will this cost?”  There is... Read More

Financial Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

How you deal with your finances during divorce can have major repercussions for you and your ex.  At Mayer &... Read More

Premarital Agreements (Part 2): Requirements and Limitations

Planning Ahead with a Premarital Agreement Who can enter into a premarital agreement? Nearly anyone of legal age may enter... Read More

Premarital Agreements (Part 1): Breaking the Stereotype

Planning Ahead with a Premarital Agreement What is a premarital agreement? A premarital agreement, commonly referred to as a prenuptial... Read More

Divorce without the Court: Collaborative Divorce

What is a collaborative divorce? A collaborative divorce is one that occurs out of court and without a judge; rather,... Read More

Becoming a Parent through a Surrogacy Agreement

In many states, surrogacy is not an option for parents, but California courts do honor properly drafted surrogacy agreements and... Read More

Child Custody Part 2: Contested Custody

Contested Custody:  What happens when parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement? If parents cannot come to an agreement... Read More
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