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Family Law
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Folsom Child Support Attorneys

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Folsom Child Support Attorneys 

How is child support determined?

In California, child support is determined according to state guidelines, and a software calculation program is used to compute support payments. This calculation takes into account several factors like marital status, dependents, mortgage payments, and other information, and then calculates the amount of child support payments.

Many factors affect the support amount, the primary ones include the percentage of time you spend with your child(ren) and income level.  However, in order for there to be a proper child support calculation, it is important that you accurately and completely input the necessary information to the guideline.

Disputes often arise about the numbers entered into the software (for example, the correct percentage of time with each parent or accurate income levels).  Child support becomes more complicated when individuals are self-employed or small-business owners and the determination of income available for support is at issue.

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Can I modify child support?

The court will modify child support in several instances, including where either party’s income has changed, custody percentages have changed, or the original order was miscalculated.  The attorneys at Mayer & Young, PC can help you understand your options and determine whether your support order should be modified.

What do I do if someone will not pay me child support?

If you have a court order for child support and the parent is refusing to pay, you have the right to seek enforcement of your court orders.  Unpaid support continues to accrue, with interest.  These unpaid amounts are called arrears.  Failure to pay child support can have consequences, including suspension of a driver’s license, wage garnishments, or tax interceptions.

If you need assistance collecting unpaid child support, contact our office for a reduced fee consultation at (916) 631-1996.


Folsom Child Support Attorneys

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