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Child Custody Part 1: Custody Arrangements

What are the different types of child custody? The list below are some of the different child custody arrangements: sole... Read More

What is the Child Support Calculator?

Under the law, a parent’s foremost duty is to support his or her minor children. Both parents share this responsibility.... Read More

What to Expect from Court Mandated Child Custody Mediation

What to Expect from Court Mandated Child Custody Mediation When initiating a divorce, our clients often ask us how child... Read More

Estate Planning During Divorce Proceedings

Many people are surprised to learn that even though they filed for divorce, without a proper estate plan, everything that... Read More

What are Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROS)?

At the onset of a divorce, automatic temporary restraining orders, also known as ATROS, go into effect to make sure... Read More

Misconceptions About Fathers Rights

Have you ever wondered what “Father’s Rights” law firms can do for you that other family law firms cannot?  Well,... Read More
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