The divorce coach can make a major difference in a Collaborative Divorce. With the assistance of a divorce coach, couples work together to come up with solutions that help keep them out of the court and prevent unnecessary litigation.

Working With a Divorce Coach

In California, divorce coaches are used in a Collaborative Divorce.  It can be just as important to handle the emotional aspects of divorce as it is to manage the legal aspects. Even in litigated cases, a divorce coach can help break down issues and assist couples in working through them productively.

A communication breakdown is likely during the divorce process, which results in the couple no longer effectively communicating with one another. Addressing the emotional side of divorce, as well as the issue of having problems communicating, can be beneficial since the coach can help teach the couple how to hear what the other person is saying.

Divorce Coach

Building a skill set to communicate more effectively is particularly important in cases involving children.  Simply being able to communicate more effectively will help these families move on following the divorce as well.

Divorce Coaches Keep Divorces Moving

Divorce coaches “keep the train on the tracks.”  Encouraging individuals to be flexible or to agree to finalize their divorce can be tough because it’s a big emotional hurdle.  The divorce coach can talk to these individuals about what is holding them back and keep both parties focused. Even if the couple knows what they want for themselves in the end, the divorce coach is the one who guides them in understanding the emotional impact of that position and to make sure they are secure in moving forward on that path. Accepting an answer and outcome is the goal, and it can make the divorce smoother for everyone.

At Mayer & Young, PC, we recommend the use of divorce coaches in a divorce in order to create a healthy and happy future for you and your loved ones.  Contact us today to start the process or learn more information.