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Folsom Adoption Law Attorneys

We offer customized legal solutions that take our client’s needs and objectives into account.

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There are several different types of adoption that may be utilized depending on the circumstances of the parties involved.  Mayer & Young, PC offers the assistance of a skilled adoption attorneys who can help you understand what type of papers need to be filed in your specific case.

What is Step-Parent Adoption?

Step-parent adoption occurs when a step-parent legally adopts the child of their spouse.  Step-parent adoption gives the adopting parent the same legal rights as the biological parent.  When a step-parent adoption takes place, the biological parent married to the step-parent must provide consent to the adoption by the step-parent.  The other parent (the non-spouse) must also provide consent, or, have their parental rights terminated.  Our blog article “Is Step-parent Adoption Right for you Family” may also be useful for you to read when considering step-parent adoption.

What is Second Parent Adoption?

Second Parent Adoption is necessary when, in same-sex couples, only one parent is the legally recognized parent although both parents are co-parenting the child. In these instances, the biological parent has the legal status as a parent automatically conveyed, and the second parent needs to adopt the child to have the same legal status. Second parent adoption allows the second parent to adopt without the other parent giving up their legal rights. A second parent adoption also allows the minor child to receive legally conferred benefits from the adoptive parent, like social security benefits and health insurance. Finally, a second parent adoption can be necessary when a same-sex couple travels to a state or country where same-sex marriages are not recognized and therefore the second parent loses all rights to the child.

Independent Adoption

Independent adoptions allow the adoptive parents to work directly with the birth parents. Independent adoption is also referred to as a private adoption or open adoption.  Independent adoptions proceed more quickly than most agency adoptions, as the agency is not acting as the go-between for the parties involved.  Further, the adoptive parents are counseled by an adoption attorney in an independent adoption, rather than an adoption agency.  An independent adoption still requires home studies and a court hearing.

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