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Can the court order the other side to pay my attorney fees?

Under certain circumstances, the court can order the other party to pay for, or contribute to your attorney fees and costs if you cannot afford the costs of litigation.  The court also has the discretion to order attorney fees as a penalty for uncooperative parties.  Obtaining an order for attorney fees can be especially important when one party is a homemaker or out of work and does not have the income to hire an attorney.

How much are attorney fees?

The cost of an attorney varies depending on your particular case.  At Mayer & Young, PC we are committed to keeping your fees low and offer the option of limited scope representation should you only need us to work on one aspect of your case.  Especially in the family law setting, this avenue is useful if you only need an attorney to file a single motion or to make one court appearance.  We also offer drafting services if you and the opposing party have an agreement that simply needs to be memorialized and ordered by the court, or if you need paperwork filed, but do not want to incur litigation expenses.

Even if you cannot afford an attorney we may be able to assist you by answering your questions regarding family law, estate planning or probate matters.

If you have questions about how to afford representation, call our office today for a reduced fee consultation at (916) 631-1996.

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